Today is the last day for early voting in the Special Jim Wells County Democratic Primary Election for Pct. 3 Commissioner.

The special election is between candidates Oswald “Wally” Alanis and J.C. Perez III.

Early voting is being conducted at the Election Administrator’s Office in the Jim Wells County Courthouse and the Orange Grove City Hall, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday.

According to the Election Administrator’s Office, 108 ballots by mail were sent out for this election. All ballots by mail are due by the afternoon of Sept. 30, which is Election Day for the Precinct 3 race.

Those voters who are registered but are not on the election list, or have not updated their addresses with the office, can still vote during the Special Election by using a provisional ballot at their polling location today or during Election Day on Tuesday.

Polling locations on that day will be Sandia Community Hall for Election Precinct 3 voters, Orange Grove Intermediate School for Election Precinct 8 voters, Alice High School for Election Precinct 9 voters, the Eggemeyer Residence for Election Precinct 19 voters and Salazar Elementary for Election Precinct 20 voters.