Board members of the Brush Country Groundwater Conservation District continued discussing the District Management Plan during their meeting on Jan. 19, but are awaiting additional technical information from the Texas Water Development Board study before the plan can be completed.

District Chairman Paul Goranson said the district has a working template in place, based on a variation of several groundwater district models the group has received over the last few weeks from other districts in the state. The District Management Plan is a long-range document stating the district’s procedures, goals and guidelines as far as water management issues for the next few years, which is required by the water board from all groundwater districts. 

“It follows the lines other districts have used for their master plans. We intend to populate it as much as we can over the next couple of months, but we’re waiting on data from the Texas Water Development Board. They have to provide us with several technical items that they have in order for us to complete that master plan,” Goranson said. “At the same time, we’re generating our rules. It’s a bit of a process, but we’re working on it.”

The results of the TWDB groundwater availability model run study are expected to be released by March 31.

The groundwater district is still waiting receipt of the annexation petition from the landowners of the Encinitos Ranch in Hidalgo County.

The ranch property stretches between Brooks and Hidalgo counties. The Brooks County portion falls within the jurisdiction of the Brush Country district, but the property owners have expressed a desire to have the Hidalgo County side counted within the groundwater district as well.

No action was taken because no official petition was presented from the landowners during the meeting.

At this time, the district is still waiting for a response from the Kenedy County Groundwater Conservation District on a Memorandum of Understanding, which must be approved by Kenedy County and returned for consideration by the Brush Country district.

“We’re keeping it active on the agenda, in case something pops up, we can get it done,” Goranson said. “They’re still going over it on their end.”

The memo pertains to the current situation between the two entities on the Dawson Ranch property.

Surrounded by the Mariposa Ranch, which was annexed by the Kenedy County district, Dawson Ranch was left out of the annexation process, and is located within the jurisdiction of the Kenedy County district.

The Brush County district, in an attempt to avoid any conflict with the neighboring Kenedey County district, prepared a memorandum of understanding, which would call for the Dawson Ranch to follow the rules provided by the Kenedy County district, but also be taxed by the Brush Country district.

The memorandum of understanding will be on the agenda during the next Brush Country district’s meeting scheduled for Feb. 23 in Falfurrias.