Lorenzo Moncevais III, candidate for county clerk, wants to be visible to the residents of the county and vows to “run the office from the office.”

“I want to run the office from the office, I will be there full-time,” Moncevais said. “I feel that it’s the citizens’ office. We are there to service all citizens of Jim Wells County.”

Moncevais is running for public office for the first time and said he decided to run because residents want change and accountability.

He said three important issues are what he will focus on – to reassure that the taxpayer’s money is at work, keep the office open through lunch for accessibility and begin keeping records electronically.

“The very first day I’m elected, we will be open through the lunch hour,” he said. “It usually takes an individual a long time to get a document, there are huge ledgers with whatever number and whatever volume. We have to start somewhere. A citizen can come in, get assistance from a clerk, print it out, pay for it and out they go.”

Moncevais said if elected, he is not making any immediate personnel changes.

“I’m not bringing politics into the office. Those girls have been working there for many years, I’m definitely going to learn from them,” he said. “Because they haven’t been supervised in so long, this is going to be new to them, they have been neglected for so long.”

Moncevais is the son of the late Lorenzo Moncevais Jr. and Consuelo Moncevais. His father was a longtime banker and veteran service officer.

His mother is a retired schoolteacher with Alice Independent School District at Mary R. Garcia and Noonan elementary schools.

He has one sister, Sandra Gayle Moncevais. He is co-owner of La Buena Salud Home Health.

Moncevais is a graduate of Alice High School in 1977 and attended St. Edwards University, a private Catholic school.

He received his Bachelor of Arts in criminal justice in 1980.

He said his experience makes him the best candidate.

“I feel I’m the best candidate because I have more experience with 20-plus years of county experience,” Moncevais said.

“(I ran) a county budget over millions of dollars and (was) responsible for the adult probation,” he said. “All those years, I was always in the black without asking for any added revenue.”

Moncevais said growing up in a modest home has enabled him to relate to many people.

“I can relate to different people of all aspects of life in the entire county to meet the needs of everyone,” he said.

He said he has a special talent to be a “true public servant.”

He worked with the probation department from 1989 to 2004 in Harris, Travis and Jim Wells counties.

“I think I was very influential in people’s lives, creating programs that affected people’s daily lives,” he said during his time with the probation departments.

He describes himself as being a spiritual person.

“Honestly, I’m a very spiritual person and people don’t know that,” Moncevais said. “I’ve become a better person all of these years. We can’t lose the faith.”

Moncevais said overall he is the best, qualified candidate.

“If they are looking for a progressive, qualified candidate that has 20 years experience in county government that will be there full-time running the office from the office…I feel the choice is clear and they will vote for me in the coming election,” Moncevais said.