PHS senior sees Cowboys in the 2A playoffs

Michael Chartier, Premont Journal

What do Joe Rios, Chuck Anders and David Montano have in common? Each has relied on the arms or legs of senior quarterback Steven Cavazos to lead the Cowboys.

"I think if Steven has a good year, we'll have a good year," new head coach David Montano said.

Montano comes to Premont after serving as offensive coordinator last year with Anders. Anders, who implemented a predominantly run oriented season, succeeded Rios, who attacked through the air.

With former Javelina assistant coach and player Montano in charge, Cavazos is working under his third different offensive system in as many years.

"It's frustrating actually," Cavazos said. "Every year we have a new playbook. So every year I have to learn new schemes, new offense, new routes, new everything, but it comes easy to me. I love it football.

Cavazos leads Montano's more balanced offense and he talked about the differences in the system and the coaches.

"Joe (Rios), he was crazy, he was like a brother. He was like real cool with us," Cavazos said. "Anders was more strict and get the job done or else, so it was different.

Montano brings a combination to the Cowboys' huddles.

"Coach Montano, he's also laid back on the field. But off he field he's strict as can be," Cavazos said. "But he's taught me a lot of things. More than i've learned from my other coaches On the field, he's a pretty funny guy I gotta admit," Cavazos added. "But I understand because he's paid to teach and discipline."

Well, how funny is he?

"I can't really say cause it's guy stuff," Cavazos said.

As for game play, Cavazos definitely likes what Montano brings to the offense.

"I think we'll put up more points on the scoreboard.

And what does he have to say to the Blitz Boys, Dan McReynolds and Alan Harwell at Channel 3, who picked Premont to finish dead last.

"They were saying that 10 minutes ago that they picked us last," Cavazos said. "It kind of freaked me out. I think we won't get last at all. I don't know, that shocked me."

Still, the high school quarterback who boats a 3.76 GPA, knows it's it's not the real deal.

"It' just a preseason pick, so i don't really think it's a big deal," Cavazos said.

When asked about this reporter picking Premont third and sending the Cowboys to the playoffs?

"I'd say you're a smart man," Cavazos said laughing.

But opinions and expectations aside, Cavazos has his eyes on his first playoff appearance.

"I can handle it because i'm really good in the classroom, Cavazos said. "I can so i take it out on the field and make sure everybody is doing their job."