Let's face it, the Michigan Wolverines have seen better years, and now with their skipper Lloyd Carr calling it a career, the team is officially having a crummy year.

I actually thought, before the season began, that Michigan was easily one of the heavy favorites to win the national title. The big three - quarterback Chad Henne, running back Mike Hart and receiver Mario Manningham - all looked like they were shoo-ins to be drafted in the NFL this year.

Many thought that Hart and Henne would undoubtedly be picked in the second or even first round.

When they all decided to forego the draft and enter the season, it seemed like they were going to be dominant.

I'm pretty sure regret is setting in for these guys after their mediocre senior season, which most likely plummeted their draft stock - if they are even considered after this season.

At 7-4, many teams would see that as a good, solid season.

Sure, Michigan may have blown it against Appalachian State, fallen flat against Oregon, and helped Ohio State get back in the BCS title hunt…come to think of it you should grieve over this season.

Look at it this way Michigan fans. There are other people and other teams that are having much worse years than the Wolverines.

As a public service to the Michigan fans, I have found evidence that proves that your team is not enduring the worst scrutiny in sports.

Take the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team, for instance.

Every Notre Dame fan looked up into the heavens thanking God for Charlie Weis.

This man was supposed to be the "savior" of the now-defunct Tyrone Willingham era.

After a couple of solid seasons that led to BCS Bowl berths, many saw the Fighting Irish to be back in that dominant state since the Lou Holtz era.

After the 2006-07 season, Notre Dame was in a bind.

Reality set in as running back Darius Walker left and is now fighting to get past the practice squad with the Houston Texans. Quarterback Brady Quinn is with the Cleveland Browns and receiver Jeff Samardzija is playing baseball in the Chicago Cubs farm system.

After getting slaughtered by Georgia Tech and every other team not named UCLA or Duke, the Fighting Irish are enduring one of their worst seasons in history. It just goes to show you that Weis is not the key factor in Notre Dame's turnaround seasons.

And if beating Duke's football team is the highlight of the season, then that's just pathetic.

With one game left, if Notre Dame loses to Stanford, Weis would have a worse record his first three years with the team compared to Willingham.

Not so much of a savior after all, huh Fighting Irish fans?

The Wolverines are also better off than the winless Miami Dolphins.

While the New England Patriots can't seem to lose, the Dolphins can't seem to win.

At 0-10 so far this season, Miami is undeniably the league's worst team. They do not have a stable quarterback, the top running back is done for the season, and they have the worst excuse for a coach in Cam Cameron.

Also, don't expect Ricky Williams to save your season. He'll probably up and leave again after he finds the best weed spot.

Michigan is also faring much better than Barry Bonds. Man, talk about falling down. Bonds is in the biggest hole that he has ever been in.

Last Thursday, he was indicted on four counts of perjury and one county of obstruction of justice relating to his alleged steroid usage.

Now he could be facing a total of 30 years in jail, which is obviously not going to happen, but his career is definitely engulfed in a black cloud. Now it's a matter of whether or not his home run record will cease to exist.

Trust me, Wolverine fans, four losses in a season is definitely better than serving time in prison.

Speaking of doing things against the law, Michigan is better off than the Ole Miss Rebel football team.

Not one, not two, but 20 football players from the Rebels are on probation after stealing items from hotels.

Ole Miss has also had to suspend several of its players and some of its coaching staff for certain infractions that were detrimental to the team. And you thought their loss to LSU this weekend was bad.

Hockey is doing much worse than the Wolverines.

After that stupid strike they had a few years ago, the National Hockey League is struggling to find an audience more than Major League Soccer.

Who knows where hockey would be if they didn't strike? I guarantee this much. The league would not be so desperate without it.

In fact, because so many people were immediately turned off because of the strike, we don't even know when the season begins any more. I didn't even know that the hockey season had started already. I don't even know where they show hockey anymore.

Last I checked, they show games on the Versus network.

When ESPN would show the World Series of Poker or a MetRx Strongman marathon rather than hockey, you know your sport is drowning.

One more thing, Wolverine fans, you will have a team next year.

We no longer have the Coastal Bend Aviators here in Robstown, because apparently the owner could care less about playing the rent.

So Michigan Wolverine fans, being a 7-4 team is not the worst thing on the planet. Be thankful that the only thing you are responsible for is losing games and not global warming, rising gas prices, or Britney Spears' parenting skills.