Something in a simple Saturday morning car journey lends itself to a different perspective.

We drove to San Antonio for some quality time together. My wife wanted us to leave early. By 6:30 a.m. we were on the road.

The trip was a most pleasant drive. The morning clouds had streaks of dark streams. They appeared slightly ominous peering down on us. Clouds actually provided a protection from the heat of the brilliant morning sun. Then the horizon became a beautiful light blue.

The clouds were fluffy-blown in amazing textures, thickness, shapes and sizes. My imagination now soared with the magnificence of the striking vision above. Wow, no charge for that spectacular sight.

The first part of our quest was to find enjoyment and maybe treasure in the fine art of garage sales. It is an art. I consider myself an amateur having learned from some masters. Yet, I have been lucky dabbling in this art. On this jaunt I found a set of counter pivoting-stool chairs for a bargain.

This was just a side dish. The actual treat was spending the night in San Antonio. We selected the Drury Suites on the River Walk. We had a one-night certificate purchased from our local PBS annual auction.

We agreed the River Walk was our place to relax. We got to see Andean Fusion, a group of musicians from South American countries, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, etc. They perform at the River Walk on a regular basis. We have four of their CDs. They play instrumental music appealing to the masses.

Their instruments include acoustic guitars, indigenous drums, bamboo pipe-flutes and assorted chimes. They also use an apparatus that duplicates the sounds of waves in the ocean. Their repertoire includes pop standards and classic music, all good.

We sat to listen next to five college students. These students were going to run in a marathon on Sunday. Two of the students were from Germany. They were just relaxing and enjoying the Andean Fusion performance.

The German students said: "We really like the showtunes being played."

"How many languages can you learn in German schools?" I asked. One answered: "English, German, Latin, Italian or Spanish." Apparently German children learn two or three languages on the average.

Later, we attended Saturday Mass service at St. Mary's Church. A mutual friend that we were meeting walked in minutes after us. It's customary to shake hands at the "Peace be with you" part of the Mass.

That's when I overheard the elderly nun sitting in the pew in front of us. She complimented our friend for singing the hymns from his heart.

"I love your voice," the nun said. "It raises our spirits to join in praising and makes us want to pray." He immediately blushed. He sings for the love of it. After Mass, our friend asked us: "Did you give the nun a twenty to say that?" He has a sense of humor. He still was blushing and smiling as we walked out together.