Mauricio Julian?Cuellar Jr.

Orange Grove Journal

Across the state, students showed marked improvements on the Texas Assessment Of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) reading exam, according to the Texas Education Agency.

This year, 92 percent of eighth-grade students in Texas passed the exam, which is an increase of three percent from one year ago, according to results published by TEA.

Overall, 88 percent of third grade students in Texas passed the reading exam and 83 percent of fifth grade students in the state passed the reading test.

Orange Grove ISD came away above average in their performances this year on the TAKS reading test. Ninety-three percent of third-grade students passed the test, with 86 percent of fifth-grade students passing, which is above the state rate. And, 96 percent of eighth-grade students at Orange Grove Junior High passed the TAKS reading test.

Area results:

Schools within the Alice Independent School District showed slight decreases over last year‘s preliminary scores, with the exception of Salazar Elementary, Schallert Elementary and Dubose Intermediate School.

Four elementary schools fell below the third-grade passing rate of 88 percent, including Mary R. Garcia, Hillcrest, Noonan and Saenz elementary schools.

William Adams Middle School came in eight points below the state passing rate at 84 percent.

Salazar saw the largest improvement with a 15 percent increase to 94 percent passing. Schallert saw a one percent increase this year, while Dubose saw a five percent increase over 2007.

The scores represent the first administration of the TAKS reading test this year. Students will be given two more opportunities to pass the exam this year.

A passing score is necessary for students to move on to the next grade level.

Palito Blanco Elementary also posted strong third-grade numbers this year, with 95 percent of their students passing during the first test administration.

Agua Dulce ISD third-grade students also posted good scores, with 86 percent passing the TAKS reading test, near the state passing rate of 88 percent.