Jim Wells County Elections Administrator Pearlie Jo Valadez said Tuesday her office will conduct the June 17 election for the Pct. 1 Justice of the Peace race as ordered, but an election for the Pct. 3 County Commissionerís race will be placed on hold until all legal proceedings in the case come to a close.

District Judge Nelva Gonzales-Ramos issued a ruling April 15 finding sufficient evidence to overturn the March 4 Primary results for the Pct. 1 Justice of the Peace race, which had left Guadalupe Martinez the winner over Juan Rodriguez Jr. by nine votes.

Gonzales-Ramos also issued a ruling in a separate case finding that two voters were prevented from voting in the Pct. 3 County Commissionerís race during the March 4 Primary, which ended with J.C. Perez III the victor over incumbent Oswald Alanis by two votes.

Gonzales-Ramos threw out the results of both elections and ordered a new election for both races to be held on June 17.

On April 21, attorneys for Perez filed an appeal of the Pct. 3 County Commissionerís case with the Texas Fourth Court of Appeals, in San Antonio.

On Tuesday, Valadez said the June 17 election for the Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 race will be held as ordered, but no election will be held in the County Commissioner Precinct 3 race until all court proceedings are concluded.

Officials with the appeals court said Tuesday that once files from the district court case are received, which are expected by Thursday, Perez will have 20 days to file a brief on his case to the court.

Once that brief is filed, Alanis will then have an additional 20 days to file his response.

Once both parties have filed briefs in the case, the court will then decide whether to request oral arguments or will issue a ruling, officials said.

Early voting for the June 17 election is scheduled to begin June 2.