Family members of Javier "Jammer" Sanchez, who was killed in January 2006, exited the courthouse Thursday after the third day of testimony at Alejandro Garza Jr.'s court trial. Garza is charged with the murder of Sanchez.

Family says the evidence in trial is enough for conviction

Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

A mother mourns for her deceased son outside of the courthouse as the murder trial on Thursday ends its third day.

Noemi Silva, wipes tears from her eyes as she takes a break from the murder trial where Alejandro Garza is one of four suspects in court who allegedly killed her son, Javier "Jammer" Sanchez. Sanchez was 20 years old when he was shot five times on the head and torso in January 2006 and left on Six Bridges Road, north of Alice.

"I just want justice for my son," Silva said. "The evidence that the (district attorney) brought is enough for a conviction."

James Dennis, a witness and also indicted for the murder of Sanchez, took the stand most of the day Thursday.

"I think James Dennis was used to pick up my son," Silva said. "As of right now I don't know if he was involved in the shooting."

Silva said that her son Sanchez left behind three children ages 4, 3, and 2.

"They know that their dad is with Jesus in heaven," she said. "And they know they will never see him again."

Silva said that she tries to find comfort through her son's memories. She said her son got his nickname "Jammer" when his aunts purchased a pair of jammer shorts and gave them to him as a gift.

"My sisters were in high school when they went to the beach in south Padre (Island) and they brought him a pair of jammer shorts," she recalled. "We put the jammer shorts on him and they looked like pants on him. That's where the nickname came about."

Silva said that her son had the nickname since he was a year old.

Security at the Jim Wells County courthouse was tight and guarded by officers from the sheriff's department, police department and the Department of Public Safety. A sign on the door of the courthouse read, "check your briefcase, purse and packages for weapons before entering the building."

Silva said during the last year and a half since her son was murdered, she has gone through some rough times.

"They took my son and I've been going through hell for over a year," she said with tears rolling down her cheeks. "I will fight until the end, until my son gets justice. (They) will be judged by God. They took a father, who left children."