Uribe, seven others allege Howingtons blocking access to their properties

Christopher Maher, Alice Echo-News Journal

A Duval County Commissioner has joined several other county residents in filing an application for temporary restraining order and a temporary injunction against two individuals the residents allege are blocking access to private property.

Duval County Commissioner Precinct Four Gilberto Uribe Jr. was one of eight plaintiffs named in a court document filed against Jodie Howington Jr. and Charlynn Howington in the 229th District Court May 22.

The other plaintiffs listed in the case are Hilda Rosales, Robert Rosales, San Juanita Vega Alaniz, Esperanza Vega Perez, Jose Manuel Vega, Francisco Vega and Arturo Vega.

According to court documents, the plaintiffs in the case own four large tracts of land in Duval County, and have an easement to that property across land claimed by the defendants.

That easement, identified in court documents as County Road 322, has been fenced in by the defendants, according to court documents, and locks have been placed by the defendants on a gate blocking the roadway.

"Plaintiffs require access to their ranches for the purpose of tending their livestock and other property on their ranches," the filing states.

In a hearing held May 24, District Judge Alex Gabert issued a temporary restraining order, and another hearing is scheduled in the case for Monday.