The Boys and Girls Club started their distance learning program last week and is providing a valuable resource to the community. The redesigned program is aligned to support parents that do not have the luxury to stay home to assist in virtual online instruction for their children.

The program provides early transportation to the center, three daily meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner for students to take home. Staff members are available to support online learning, online technical difficulties, physical activities and a computer lab for students without a laptop. A total of 47 students are currently taking part in the program.

The leadership at the club has adapted to the current needs of the community and has changed their program structure to support those needs with the help of a few supporters. HEB donated $15,000 for the program and the Alice Independent School District provides the breakfast and lunch. The evening meal for students to take home is provided through Boys and Girls Clubs food program.

"The first day was a little hectic but now on week two we are getting our routine down," said Program Director Laurie Whitty. "We have staff available to help with online issues and address their academic instruction needs."

Unfortunately, the current student participation capacity is full and the program is not accepting new students at this time. For future program information contact the Boys and Girls Club of Alice at 361-664-2282 or visit their Facebook page for scheduled updates.