Two downtown buildings have been barricaded by the City of Alice as they have become a potential danger.

Alice City Manager Michael Esparza and other city administrators have contacted an engineering firm to look at the Rialto Theater, owned by the City of Alice, on the 300 block of Main Street.

People need to avoid the area. The City is following a process to keep people safe and working with the engineering firm to determine the next steps, Esparza said.

The building has been in disrepair for many years. The roof is practically gone, Esparaza said.

What exactly will happen to the building is yet to be determined. However, Esparaza said whatever they decide will be done with the public’s safety in mind.

The second building is on the 200 block of Main Street and is privately owned. The City of Alice barricaded the front of the building to protect citizens and have made contact with the owners.

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, July 14, a part of the second building fell with rubble laying on the sidewalk and the street. No injuries were reported and city crews were busy cleaning up the rubble.