BEN BOLT - Back in 2009 the Jim Wells County Fresh Water District Number 1 received a grant for $2.2 million to make improvements on the waterlines for the residents in Ben Bolt.

Fixing the waterlines started soon after they received the grant. However, until just recently, the project was still in the process and in just a few weeks the project will be complete, according to JWC Fresh Water District Number 1 General Manager Octavio Flores.

"We are finishing the project that started a few years ago. The waterlines on the southside have been replaced and hooked up," Flores said. "We do have a phase three to the project, but that shouldn’t take as long."

Flores credits his administration and his employees on getting the project running smoothly.

"Because of them, we are now in compliance with TECQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)," he said. "The old lines now have new eight inches lines for cleaner water and better water pressure."

Flores is excited about giving the residents of Ben Bolt clean water for at least another 30 years. His next project is to help get the approval of the residents to work on a sewer system.

"My job and those of my employees is to do better for the community. We are always trying to do more for the community," Flores said.