BEN BOLT - Ben Bolt Palito Blanco Independent School District’s Superintendent Mike Barrera posted a notice on the district’s Facebook Sunday that explained they were taking precautions after an "immediate family member of a district employee" was tested for coronavirus (COVID-19).

The notice from Barrera states that the results of that test are expected in three to five days and that the entire family has been asked to quarantine themselves for 14 days by medical officials.

Because of the possibility that an employee may have COVID-19 the district is suspending all meals to students including meal delivery and curbside pickup.

"As a precaution, we are discontinuing all meals provided by the Child Nutrition Department.This includes meal delivery and curbside pickup," Barrera says in the notice. "The District Leadership Team is meeting tomorrow morning to assess the impact on future scheduled events."

The district will continue to monitor the situation and will discuss how the safety of employees will be handled as time goes on.