Arturo Espana, is a local 17-year-old FFA Chapter Officer from Alice, that has found a purpose in caring for the less fortunate in Mexico.

The local teen is assisting his mother in Michoacán, Mexico, distribute food to those in need during the global coronavirus pandemic.

To date, Arturo and his mother have bought and delivered more than 1,000 food pantry kits to people’s homes in Mexico.

"My parents donated some of their paychecks to make the goodie bags (and) food pantry kits for the most vulnerable people and communities throughout the county," said Arturo Espana. "Since all of the supermarkets here in Mexico only allow you to buy certain amount of groceries due to Covid-19, we decided to go to a big ‘mercado’ where you can buy groceries for wholesale including potatoes, chilies, beans, rice, noodles, cookies, etc. Also, we bought cucumbers that were produced in the county of Tzitzio."

Espana, is not only supporting the town with groceries he also made goodie bags for kids with candies, cookies, and toys for ‘El Dia del Nino’ – the day of the kid on April 30. Typically, children in the area spend their days on the streets playing and having fun, but due to the quarantine, they could not celebrate or get toys as many of the stores were closed.

Espana, was visiting his mother in Mexico during Spring Break. Due to the pandemic he found a purpose and plans on staying through the summer until school begins in the fall.

Espana, was asked if he had any words of power or grace he wanted to share with the Alice community while in Mexico and he replied, "I like a quote by Jackie Chan that says, "We have to do what we can do to help whatever or whenever- it is possible for us to help."