Dear Citizens,

The fact that Brooks County has only experienced one case of the COVID-19 virus is due to the diligence and precautions being taken by our citizens and officials. Our small community has been blessed by all the people following the safety guidelines. hopefully, this will continue.

This contagious virus is ALIVE and continues to spread throughout the world. The number of deaths in the world, as high as they are, is relatively small to what they would have been if the precautions, we are taking, had not been followed. By limiting the number of people who have been infected with this disease we have given the medical community the opportunity to save many lives.

Please do not become complacent because of our successes, by examining the numbers and facts throughout the world we can see where some medical providers and hospitals have become completely overwhelmed and unable to attend to many sick people with resulting in unnecessary deaths because communities failed to follow safety guidelines.

Corpus Christi has just seen an increase of approximately 50 positive cases all related to one meat packing plant. Not only are employees testing positive but also some of their family members have as well.

So far in Brooks County we have not had any community-based infections of this disease. We must continuously be vigilant, especially in the local places dealing with the traveling community. Those locations should continue to follow the State mandate of having their employees wear mask, gloves, provide public sanitation facilities and practice social distancing. AS A MATTER OF FACT, WE ALL SHOULD.

Do not be misled by those nay sayers who have been lulled to sleep by our success. One sick person going to the grocery store or restaurant in town can expose many people. While it is true that some 75% to 80% of people becoming sick recuperate, we must ask ourselves how many of our family members do we want to be part of that 20% to 25% of deaths. “A blind man can see, and a deaf man can hear that an ounce of protection is well worth a pound of a cure.”

Also, do not be misled by those people who refuse to accept the reality that is a DANGEROUS VIRUS. It is now and will continue to be so in the future. This message is not intended to spread fear, but it cannot prevent the real fear that is a result of the circumstances we face that is reality.

I am not writing this letter to prevent the reopening of the economy. That is the decision that should fit the circumstances of each community. Nevertheless, the rule for ALL is to open safely when you do.

My hat is off, and my prayers being said, for all the local people taking precaution and for the leadership of our Brooks County Judge Eric Ramos, Emergency Management Team, Brooks County Commissioners and City Officials. Please continue to be vigilant and careful as time goes on.


David T. Garcia

Brooks County Attorney