Premont Independent School District (PISD), started the demolition of the elementary school this week. This is the last phase of a bond passed by the community in May of 2017 in the amount of $10.6 million.

Local residents said good -bye to the demolished elementary school building that served as a junior high school for over 60 years and was the Premont High School before 1971.

"Many memories are attached to the building from local residents - it served as the main school for many, many years," said Premont Superintendent Steve VanMatre.

The elementary school demolition is the last of many hurdles the district has faced in regards to the bond. To date, the bond has supported improvements and renovations to the high school, a new football stadium with artificial turf, a new softball ball park and now the final stage with the new elementary.

"Would you believe the high school did not have heating and hot water for over 10 years," said VanMatre. "The district spent close to half a million dollars on the air conditioning and the heating infrastructure to utilize all the new equipment."

The district has faced a few delays with the bond project due to Krueger Construction defaulting on the contract. The company submitted a default letter to Travelers Insurance and the PISD was aligned with TriGen Construction from the Rio Grande Valley, to finish the work. The new construction company has committed to completing the project within, 150 calendar days.

"I am thankful the community has been patient with the hurdles we have faced during this bond project. I am proud of the improvements we have made to educate students and hope residents are as well, VanMatre said. "Premont will have a modern, safe and functional school district with up to date programs and equipment to educate our students."