SAN DIEGO - San Diego voters hit the polls on May 2 and passed the $4,695,000 bond election.

Proposition A

For 234 Against 115

In the amount of $1,645,000 for the construction and renovation for the baseball stadium, softball stadium, library and administration office renovation.

Proposition B

For 236 Against 110

In the amount of $850,000 for the renovation and equipment for the football stadium.

Proposition C

For 229 Against 120

In the amount of $2,200,000 for construction, acquisition and equipment for athletic field houses in baseball, softball and football.

San Diego Independent School District bond increasing the Ad Valorem tax by .03 cents for residents under the age of 65. The tax increase for example will bring the current tax rate of $1.34 per $100 valuation to $1.37 per $100 valuation, if approved.

Note: These are unofficial numbers until canvassed by school board election on May 11th. The official numbers will be released on May 12th.