Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the graduating Class of 2020's biggest milestone has been a roller coaster especially not knowing about what would happen with graduations.

On Tuesday, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) provided new guidance for high school graduation ceremonies to help school districts determine which pathway to take while continuing to practice social distancing.

According to TEA, high school graduation ceremonies can be held in one of four ways:

* Completely virtual ceremonies that take place entirely online, with the use of video conference or other technologies.

* Hybrid ceremonies, which consist of a compilation of videos of students being recognized in person as they celebrate graduation in small groups.

* Vehicle ceremonies, in which students and their families wait in their cars while other graduates are recognized one at time with their families alongside them.

* Outdoor in-person ceremonies, which are currently permitted for counties as follows:

* Between May 15 and May 31, an outdoor ceremony may take place in a rural county that has an attestation as described in the Governor’s Report to Open Texas that remains in effect seven days prior to the ceremony.

* An outdoor ceremony may take place in any Texas county on or after June 1.

Alice High School has is currently in the process of videotaping their graduates walking the stage for a virtual ceremony to be released on May 29. An outdoor ceremony is scheduled for July 25 will practicing social distancing and CDC guidelines.

San Diego High School will hold an outdoor graduation ceremony at the San Diego Football Stadium on May 29 with limited participation. Students will be notified on the rules.

Freer High School will also have an outdoor graduation at the Buckaroo Stadium on May 29. There the district will minimize how many people that can attend per graduate and will practice social distancing. After the ceremony, the district will have a honk parade through town for the graduates.

Benavides High School will hold an outdoor graduation ceremony at Eagle Stadium on May 22. They will also be following CDC guidelines and practice social distancing.

Orange Grove High School will have an outdoor ceremony in early June at the football stadium following CDC guidelines. No date has been finalized by the district. They do have a second option available in the works in case of weather or other unexpected events.

Ben Bolt Palito Blanco High School will have an outdoor graduation ceremony on June 12. They will practice social distancing and other CDC guidelines.

Premont and Agua Dulce High School's do not have any information in regards to a graduation ceremony at this time.