Local Hair and Nail Salons can open- at will, on Friday.

Governor Greg Abbott made an announcement Tuesday, on the multi-dimensional pandemic the state is facing in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the economy.

Starting Friday, hair salons, nail salons and barber shops may open at the owners will -with restrictions, and gyms to follow with restrictions on May, 18.

Cosmetology establishments will follow new recommendations and policies mandated by the State on new health guidelines: including six feet social distancing, starting with appointment only to decrease public gatherings, disinfecting between clients and strong recommendations for facial masks.

"We as Texans are third in the States on recovery rates on the COVID-19," said Gov. Abbott. "If we continue to follow safety guidelines like social distancing, disinfecting and wearing masks in public we can slow the spread of this virus while continuing to open the economy."

Gov. Abbott introduced a response plan for the virus and opening the economy with "Surge Response Teams" that would include state health agencies for example, the Texas Emergency Management Teams and The National Guard. The Surge Response Teams will mitigate and respond to Texas counties that acquire "flair-ups" from an increase in confirmed cases that will arise in a specific area and/or county. For example, the meat processing plant in Dallas County, Texas prisons and nursing homes that have had intense outbreaks during the last few weeks.

Abbott stated, "The confirmed ’positive rates’" per state COVID-19 testing are down. From April 20 to May 4 Texas has performed 220,000 COVID-19 tests, considering the testing from March 1 to April 20 which was at 190,000. The confirmed positive testing rates in Texas was at a 7.2 percent when testing began and now the Gov. stated the rate is at 4.65 percent. Note: the rate was 4.6 when phase one started last week.

"We encourage all at-risk Texans and vulnerable age groups to continue to stay home and use precautionary measures and guidelines as issued by the Center of Disease Control (CDC)," said Abbott. "The percentage rate will either increase or decrease and that will depend on how Texans respond to the COVID-19, at any time we need to put more restrictions in place- we will."

"I hope we as Texans can bridge the divide between the spread of the virus and continue to open the economy with good practices and continue to keep the percent rate down in Texas," said Abbott.