As many begin preparations for return to their respective worship services we must recognize that the battle against coronavirus (COVID-19) continues.

The Alice Pediatric Clinic and Dr. Erik Nisimblat, president of the Brooks, Duval, Jim Wells County Medical Society set up a mobile testing site on Tuesday in an effort to protect you and fellow parishioners they highly recommend getting tested for COVID-19.

As your test is a gift to others, so is theirs to you. The goal of testing is to slow and contain the spread of COVID-19 in places of worship and community by identifying those individuals who may unknowingly be infected.

A significant portion of positive cases have been individuals with NO symptoms, according to Nismblat’s office.

Inadvertent transmission through the community and religious gatherings may lead to repeat closures. Therefore, getting tested helps to keep the doors open, protect your family and those of your fellow parishioners. Help increase confidence in congregations by getting tested.

Anyone who would like to be tested will need to fill out a questionnaire in advance, have a photo ID (preferably a copy), and insurance card.

For further information, contact 361-664-9353.