After serving the community since 1983, the Alice Food Pantry was closed March 20, due to the COVID crisis and social distancing requirements.

Thanks to the implementation of a new distribution system, Alice Volunteer Services began serving the community once again on Monday, May 4.

Distributions days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Food distributions will begin at 9 a.m. and continue until 75 families have been served.

To better serve families several changes were made to how the distribution would go. Volunteers ask that you please enter from Third Street. Turn south onto Wright Street. Cones will be set up to make a special lane for the clients to use. Volunteers will take your family information. You will enter an alley off of First Street and be served from that alley.

Please have no more than two families per car. Once you drive forward to the distribution area, you will be signaled up pick up your food from a table. Please have an able-bodied family member who can load the bags into your car. You will exit the alley and turn South onto Reynolds Street.

Alice volunteers are very excited to serve Jim Wells County residents once again.