Marissa Noemi Garcia

Parents: Guatemozin and Noemi Garcia

Education and Future Plans: I plan to graduate and continue my education at Texas A&M University Kingsville. I plan on furthering my career in teaching. I look forward to teaching early childhood children.

Clubs and Officer Positions: Varsity Girls Powerlifting (2016-2020), FFA member(2019-2020), Senior Class Treasurer(2019-2020), Powerlifting Captain(2019-2020).

Accomplishments/Honors: Most Improved Powerlifter (2018-2019), Team State Powerlifting Champion (2019-2020), Powerlifting Regional Qualifier (2018-2020), Powerlifting State Qualifier (2019-2020).

What was the best advice you ever received? Who gave you the advice?: The best advice I’ve ever received was from my mom, Noemi Garcia. I remember her telling me “Always appreciate what you have.” This has stuck with me because you should be grateful and humble for the things you have that others do not have.

Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?:

In 5 years I see myself graduating college and pursuing my goals in teaching. I plan on moving to San Antonio and applying to schools where I am needed. If you could change anything about this world, what would it be and why?: If I could change anything about the world it would be how people treat others. I believe you must treat everyone the same because you don’t know how your words are affecting others.

If you could invite 3 people to dinner who would they be and why?

I would first invite Jennifer Lopez because she empowers women to be themselves. Secondly, I would invite Erin Gruwell. I would talk to her and tell her that her student project Freedom Writers is what made me want to teach. Finally, I would invite my Popo to have one last dinner so I could talk to him and hug him one last time. Favorites:

Favorite Food - Chicken Strips

Favorite Book - The Hate U Give - Angie Thomas

Favorite Movie - Sixteen Candles

Favorite Town in Texas - Grapevine

Favorite Vacation Spot - The Valley

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