Jesus Salinas and Jesusa Martinez are 91 year-old twins that despite the current public health circumstances, still had a great day celebrating their 91 years on the planet, at the Agua Dulce park on Saturday, May, 2.

Close to 40 cars came out to celebrate in the parade. The siblings were born in Robstown, and have lived and served in the local community for almost an entire century. They are known for their friendship and always fighting on which was is actually the "oldest."

"We were not expecting such a big community turn out," said Cynthia Salinas, daughter of Jesus Salinas. "My dad was a volunteer for the Agua Dulce Fire Department for many years and it was a surprise to see the Robstown Constable, Agua Dulce Marshall and Agua Dulce Fire Department come out, we are very thankful for the community supporting and honoring their birthday’s."