HALO-Flight’s four air ambulance helicopters use rotors to ascend and land on skids, but on Friday, April 24, thanks in part to Robstown Hardware, they got new wheels.

Chief Medical Officer Randy Endsley, RN, explained that for each and every flight staff must package a great many pieces of equipment and bags of supplies to ensure they have everything they might need for patient care. Included in the list is the equipment for the pre-hospital blood service which includes a cooler for the blood products and a blood-warming device used immediately prior to administering blood to the patient. Also, they load a medication bag, airway bag, pediatric bag, medical bag for IV fluids and their administration (start) kits, and Toughbook for charting.

“Transporting all these supplies and equipment is doable,” Endsley said. “if the crew walked out of the base and they were adjacent to the pad, but here in Alice it is not set up that way. The landing pad on which the HALO-Flight air craft is parked between missions is close to a football field away, and these supplies must be maintained in a climate-controlled environment.”

HALO-Flight Executive Director Tom Klassen added, “Robstown Hardware recognized the invaluable services provided to all South Texans by HALO-Flight as we negotiated for this purchase. This new vehicle replaces one we have used for years and that, just recently, has become no longer operational. We are grateful for Robstown Hardware’s generous contribution.”

The new utility vehicle, a John Deere Gator with a nearly nine cubic feet deluxe cargo box and heavy towing capacity for pulling oxygen supplies needed on board the air craft, was secured by Alice Base Manager Wendy Greer, LP, ESMSC and HALO-Flight EMS Training Academy Coordinator.

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