Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) educators and parents have had to come up with different ways to celebrate the accomplishments of their students.

On Thursday, students at St. Elizabeth School were surprised when the parents of the sixth grade class left a yard graduate sign with balloons, a bag of goodies and gift cards at each student’s home.

To get the students outside teachers asked students to have a google meet meeting pretending they would be having a class assignment. As part of the assignment students were asked to walk outside where they were surprised.

“Its our way of showing them that though they are missing out they are still important,” said parent Marla Odette Castillo.

At SES its been a tradition for many years that the sixth grade class are the graduates of the school. At an early age of three, students have been in a small tight nit classes, so they make it a great celebration for the graduating class.

As the year has come to an end with this crisis they have missed out on major end of year events that they have waited years to look forward to. They missed their class trip to Marble Falls, end of year day of champions, their class board and so much more.

While this surprise doesn’t make up the loss of milestone the students have had it is a small gesture that students haven’t been forgotten and that the hard work they did during the school year does matter.

The students in the sixth grade graduating class at SES are Taylor Anzaldua, Juan Andres Arebalo, Daniel Barrera, Emily Cuevas, Ayden Galvan, Brody Garcia, Andres Gonzalez, Madison Hernandez, Jake Molina, Mariel Ochoa, Marie Pendleton and Luke Renken.