The Agua Poquita Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is celebrating 75 years of existence. Established on May 5, 1945, the Agua Poquita SWCD has been a dedicated partner in conserving and protecting natural resources for the landowners in Duval County.

Agua Poquita SWCD is a subdivision of State government and is administered by a board of five directors who are elected by their fellow landowners.

This year’s board of directors are Robert Elizondo – Board Chairman, Eladio Barrera – Vice Chairman, Leonel Ramirez – Secretary, Rudy Rodriguez – Member, and Jose L. Martinez - Member.

After the passage of the Texas Soil Conservation Law in 1939 and with the establishment of the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board (TSSWCB), SWCDs began to be formed.

Working to bring a widespread understanding of the needs of soil and water conservation, Agua Poquita SWCD, continues working to activate the efforts of public and private organizations and agencies into a united front to combat soil and water erosion and to enhance water quality and quantity in the county.

It is the purpose of Agua Poquita SWCD to educate the community on their individual responsibility to conserve our natural resources, through continued sponsorship of field days, workshops and seminars.

As the population of the state continues to increase, maintaining the productivity of our soil and water resources become more and more vital in meeting the food, fiber and resource needs for all Texans. Agua Poquita SWCD alongside TSSWCB are committed to working with farmers, ranchers, and private landowners to conserve and protect the natural resources of Duval County, Texas.