Larry Martinez, Jim Wells County Executive Director of the Alice and Jim Wells County Economic Development Corporation, is asking for businesses to help the county by taking five minutes to fill out a survey about how their business was affect by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The five minute survey is a national-level survey tailored to the Coastal Bend.

According to Katya Wowk, PhD, with Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, this is the second time the survey is distributed, but the response from the first round was low.

This survey is critical to demonstrate impacts in the county.  There is also an option in the survey for businesses to request assistance in applying for loans, grants, etc.

“This applies to all residents in Jim Wells County and even in Duval County. We need to prepare for the money coming down from the state and federal level,” Martinez said. “We need to gather as much information and pass that information to those who will distribute the monies. We need to understand who needs it, what businesses have been impacted and how we are going to apply it those businesses.”

All types of businesses, including large and medium and small business, 501(c)(3), self-employed, sole proprietors and independent contractors, Martinez said.

To complete the survey visit

The COVID-19 Business Impacts Survey is due April 17th.

“There's not that much time so the quicker people (complete) the survey the better. It only takes five minutes and is private and no personal information is asked,” Martinez said.

Any questions call Martinez at 361-356-4480 or via email at