On Tuesday at approximately 5 p.m. Officer Tim LaGesse was dispatched to a residence on the 800 block of North Almond in reference to an assault. When Officer LaGesse arrived he made contact with Julio Grijalva and the victim. The victim told the officer that Grijalva and her had an argument when he began to choke her causing her pain and the inability to breath. Grijalva was transported to the Jim Wells County jail and charged with assault impede breath.

Burglary of a residence

Police were called to a residence on the 900 block of Hickey Street on Wednesday when the homeowners arrived to find the door open. Officer Nick Reyes arrived and made contact with the homeowners who said that they observed an individual wearing a black muscle shirt, blue jeans, holding a white shirt and had a tattoo of a lowrider on his neck in the area. The owners toured the home with the officer and noticed that the air conditioner was on in one of the bedrooms along with alcohol and drug paraphernalia. A ceiling fan was missing from another bedroom and the water heater was lying in the middle of the hallway. Surveillance video was pulled from the neighbor’s house. No arrest has been made.

Burglary of a vehicle

Officer Maritza Perez was dispatched to a residence on the 1000 block of Lincoln Street for a vehicle burglary. When she arrived she made contact with the victim who stated someone broke into his vehicle and took his wallet from the middle compartment. The victim could not remember if he locked the vehicle. No arrest has been made.

Source: Alice police reports