PREMONT - With the coronavirus spreading in the United States and many people have been ordered to stay home, communities are getting together to provide basic necessities to each other.

On Sunday, 250 people in Premont received a BBQ chicken plate thanks to community members such as Ricardo Ric Rubio, Rosie Vera, Raul and Margie Garcia, Marcela and Doug Scott, Rosa Montoya and Kal Rivas, Jacob Jimenez and Leandra Jimenez, Enrique Rubio, Ana Rubio, Cecilia Nevarez, Johnny and Stella Olivas Schmidt (Always Blessed Homes), Raul and Virginia Palacios, and Andy Trevino.

Those who received the plates of chicken were the elderly, homebound and families with special needs. The community plans to do this act of kindness every Sunday during this difficult time to make sure no one will go without.