Recently, Jason Guerra, also known as DJ Lucky J, was spreading positive vibes around the City of Alice to the hard workers who are providing essential services as the world deals with the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Lucky J is a teenager who has his own music show via Facebook with thousands of listeners from around the world. He decided to use his followers to help the City of Alice.

Lucky J decided to create a COVID-19 shirt and on his music show to raffle off the shirt. He also asked donations and tips. Donations began to roll in and he raised $120 in two days.

With the money in his hands, he used 100 percent of the proceeds to buy pizza from Little Caesars and and sweet bread from Nortex. He delivered to the unsung heroes at H-E-B, Walgreens, CVS, dollar stores and other around town to thank them for their dedication to serving the community in a time of uncertainity.

The winner of the shirt was from out of town.