The city’s recent order stating that only essential businesses should remain open during the national pandemic crisis of the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), has many residents wondering what is essential?

Alice Mayor and Emergency Management Director (EMD) Jolene Vanover has been "put under fire" for maintaining some level of business at her salon and spa Chateau Jolene.

"I’m the first one to follow the precautionary measures facing the COVID-19 crisis as a small business owner, Mayor and the Emergency Management Director for the City of Alice," said Vanover. "I said in the press conference last week that small retail and food establishments will need to be innovative and creative during this time to maintain some level business."

Chateau Jolene is providing curbside service with zero one-to-one personal contact for retail items for personal hygiene, women’ s skincare, essential oils, pain management and other personal needs.

"I have employees with zero money coming in from clients and we as a business are trying stay afloat just like everyone else," said Vanover.

"There is no rule book to reference to for this COVID-19 pandemic, this is the first for all of us. I truly believe that buying the retail items at the salon curbside is safer than shopping at H-E-B, because less people are involved in fact there is zero- they call the salon upon arrival and we leave outside for them pick up with all payments done over the phone," said Vanover. "We as a community need to come together and I want small businesses to become innovative and safe with their business practices during this time. I encourage everyone to call 361-668-7250 for any information or concerns on the essential business order."