People are adjusting to the new “normal” for their daily lives across the nation as the number of coronovirus (COVID-19) cases continues to rise. South Texas has not been immune to the virus and have started to see the cases.

Sunday evening, Jim Wells County officials were informed that a woman, a native of Orange Grove, between the ages of 20 and 25 had tested positive for the virus. Officials immediately began to notify county residents about the “first coronavirus case” in the county.

Jim Wells County officials learned on Monday that the woman was actually a resident of Nueces County. She had not lived in Orange Grove for approximately five months. She had not changed the address on her driver’s license. The woman has been quarantined at her residence.

Because she no longer lived in the county, JWC remains at zero cases of the coronavirus.

Duval County continues to have no cases.

Nueces County had 31 cases of the virus, as of Tuesday morning.

Officials everywhere in South Texas have order their residents to stay at home except for essential business such as work, depending on the business, grocery shopping, medical appointments, government work etc.

Stay-at-home orders:

Duval County effective until April 26

JWC effective until April 27

Nueces effective until April 8

According to officials, the purpose of the stay-at-home orders are to help prevent the spread of the virus. Officials stress that people should stay home, continue to practice good hygiene and social distancing especially avoiding large gatherings.