After watching the news, a few local men decided that they would help the Alice community by having a blessing table.

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) many people are in need and are having a difficult time finding certain items at stores to provide the basic needs for their families.

Anyone driving near the intersection of North Texas Boulevard and Rose Ann will see a Blessing Table.

“I was inspired to do this for our community after I saw people doing this on TV. I had some stuff and when I called Dragon about my idea and he went out to buy a few things for the table,” said Homero “Chato” Salinas. “People are in need and it’s hard to find things. This is important because the way that people have been hoarding stuff. Even if they get the chance to go to the store, they aren’t finding what they want.”

This Blessing Table includes a variety of items like canned foods, toilet paper, paper towels, water, fruit drinks and even some toys for the kids.

“It’s always a blessing to be a blessing,” said Romero “Dragon” Trevino Jr. “Paying it forward for those in need.”

While people are stopping to take items they need, there are also people stopping by to donate waters and other items to the table.

“This isn’t a whole lot, but if you can’t find things this can get you some of your basic needs,” Salinas said.

Salinas, Trevino, Aaron Trigo and Tugger Trigo are hoping to have the Blessing Table up for a couple of days and anything they have left will be donated to a local nursing home.