Friday afternoon, Alice City Manager Michael Esparza announced Chief Ron Davis as the Interim Chief effective April 1.

Davis will take over the police department as Chief Aniceto Perez retires after more than 40 years in law enforcement.

“Chief Davis brings 40 years of law enforcement to our city but most importantly Chief Davis brings with him the two things I am looking for in an interim Police Chief. The first is having prior experience as a police chief and the second is having prior experience as interim after retirement,” Esparza said. “I want someone who specializes in the interim work. He retired as Police Chief from the Addison, Texas Police Department in 2015 and in 2017 Chief Davis went on to lead the City of Marshall Police Department for six months until they found a permanent Chief. In 2018, he also was in charge of the Princeton, Texas Police Department for eight months while they looked for a permanent chief. I know from our conversations Chief Davis enjoys the challenges of interim work and I am confident this specialty work experience as well as his permanent police chief experience will be invaluable to our department.”

Interim Chief Davis is a “senior management professional with an outstanding career spanning 35 years managing and leading law enforcement teams,” according to his resume.

Davis has been Chief of Police for Princeton PD and Interim Chief of Police for Marshall PD as well as other leadership positions.

“Chief Davis, myself, Fire Chief and Emergency Management Coordinator Patrick Thomas have been in contact with each other several times regarding the current COVID-19 situation and Chief Davis, Police Chief Perez and Lieutenant Michael Jaramillo have been in contact this week regarding current department operations,” Esparza said.