Coronavirus, COVID-19, has changed life across the global. The virus which began in China has plagued many countries and killing several people.

As of Tuesday, 4 p.m., Duval and Jim Wells County continue to have NO positive cases of Coronavirus, according to officials in both counties.

Alice Mayor Jolene Vanover continues to stress that residents should follow the CDC guidelines and limit their movement outside of their home.

Vanover released a revised Mayoral Declaration of Local State of Disaster Due to Public Health Emergency. Changes include states such as COVID-19 continues to pose an increasing, imminent threat of disaster in the state and declaring a state of disaster for all counties in Texas, requiring the Mayor of City of Alice to revise the original declaration. Other changes include Section 7 recommendations: such as people should conducted non-essential travel are recommended to self quarantine for 14 days, NOT to stockpile or hoard and follow CDC guidelines for hygiene and social distancing.

Other topics in the revision deal with group gatherings entertainment, gyms, restaurants, and also lists the critical infrastructure industry such as healthcare services, pharmaceutical services, banking and financial institutions, power, water, natural gas and public utilities, fire and law enforcement, sanitation services, etc.

San Diego Mayor Sally Lichtenberger said that there are NO positive cases in San Diego at this time.

Vanover and Lichtenberger have been in constant communication with officials in their counties about COVID-19.

Alice, San Diego, Orange Grove and other towns in South Texas have declared a local state of disaster due to public health emergency.

Nueces County officials have reported that they have seven positive cases of COVID-19.

More information on the coronavirus and detailed health precautions are available at and the CCNCPHD hotline (361) 827-7200.

If you believe you have symptoms of the COVID-19 coronavirus, you are told to first call the Public Health District at 361-826-7200.