City of Alice officials and CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital have confirmed that there are NO confirmed coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, cases in Alice.

Rumors about several medical offices being on a lockdown have spread due to first responders seen in white protective gear.

According to official sources, first responders like paramedics will respond to any call that involves a patient with flu-like systems as precaution only.

"Currently, there are no cases in the City of Alice," according to a press release by the City of Alice Media.

"There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at any CHRISTUS Spohn Health System facility. However, in the event that possible coronavirus patients need hospitalization after screening, we will work closely with local, state and federal authorities to confirm any such cases with the public," said Kevin Dolliole, public relations specialist for CHRISTUS Spohn.

According to Michael Esparaza, Alice city manager, if there is a case in Alice the Emergency Management Coordinator would be informed immediately. The city would then inform the public.

For more information regarding the Coronavirus, please refer to the following websites.