Jim Wells County and local surrounding city leaders held a public hearing Monday morning in regards to the the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVUS-19), and the current local precautions and guidelines put in place to promote public safety.

Judge Juan Rodriguez is asking residents to be compassionate towards one another during this time and follow the recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). "We are are on the forefront of this pandemic and plan on making recommendations and guidelines on a day by day basis as things change." "At this time Jim Wells county does not have any infectious cases of the COVID-19," said County Judge Rodriguez.

The JWC Commissioner court is asking residents to use online resources for any court business and tax office needs. Courts will hold only time sensitive mandated court hearings and only participants mandated to be present should attend- please no extended family members.

Alice Independent School District is monitoring the situation. "We will be making a decision this week on extending the school districts closure past the current Spring Break week. Other districts are closing for six to eight weeks and some until until the end of the school year. My concern is we have staff and students traveling this week for the holiday and that traveling might potentially cause an outbreak in our schools," said Alice Superintendent Dr. Karl Scarbrough.

Jim Wells County Sheriffs Department is suspending all visitation for inmates until further notice per state mandates to reduce the potential of an outbreak among inmates.

Alice City Manager Micheal Esparza and Mayor Jolene Vanover plan to follow CDC guidelines and will not grant city permits for city social events over 50 people, at this time. "We are reacting in a manner that promotes public safety, and hope residents consider not traveling during this time," said Mayor Vanover.

The Jim Wells County Commissioners court will hold a follow- up public hearing on Friday March, 20 at 10:00 a.m. "At this point in time we would like to ask residents not to travel and also to stay calm, we will keep the public up to date on our website online and will stay on the forefront of this disease and respond to events on a day by day basis," said JWC County Judge Rodriguez.