Sports in South Texas is king, especially in small communities where life centers around high school football stadiums, baseball fields and gymnasiums. Communities know coaches and players by name. Young athletes have been playing on the same teams for years, growing together and watching each other's progress from the little leagues and into middle school and high school.

After Friday's announcement by the University Interscholastic League (UIL) that all events would be suspended until March 29, the future of athletics was left uncertain but the importance to maintain a sense of normalcy is still there.

Alice Coyotes baseball coach Nick Alvarado hosted Breakfast with Moms at Downtown Perk as a chance for his baseball players to honor and show appreciation to their mothers for their support throughout their lives. Even with the uncertainty of the future of the current season, Alvarado decided that it would be important to continue with this small event in order to maintain a sense of normalcy.

"During this time, it’s kind of unprecedented. There is not a lot of things to compare these times that we’re going through," Alvarado said. "I felt like creating a day like this when I came in last year and was very successful and to continue this year was very important in lieu of all the things that are going on with the coronavirus and the shutting down of schools and the postponement of district play."

"I felt like allowing these boys to continue to show their love for their moms and trying to maintain some normalcy was very important," Alvarado said.

This is the second year for Alvarado here in Alice and he has been able to develop and maintain a sense of community with his team and parents. He understands the important role his players’ mothers take in the development of their sons.

"The moms are the backbone. They’re always the ones to make sure that we’re taken care of," Alvarado said. "Today is just a very special day to be able to honor the moms and all that they do and have done for the entire lives of these boys."

"There’s just so many things to consider and I guess when you just put your emotions aside and you think with your head, you rule out some of the important things," Alvarado said. " I felt like it was a small group and it was something that needed to happen.

Breakfast with Moms was something Coach Nick Alvarado did with previous schools where he coached and brought it to Alice along with other ways that his team could be active in the community.

One of the moms in attendance was Mia Campos, mother of junior Isai Campos. She agreed that being able to have this small event was important in being able to maintain a sense of normalcy.

"We wanted the boys to know that it’s not a time to panic," Campos said. " We felt that we would still do everything as we would if the season was still going."

"For us, it’s just a way for us to feel normal as well," Campos said. " For us, as moms, to come in and enjoy the morning with our boys, with our friends and just step away from all the panic that’s happening."

Campos admits there was some thoughts about canceling the breakfast amid all the uncertainty going on with the COVID-19 virus but the group decided to continue as planned.

"At the very end, we decided that we were going to do it," Campos said. "It allows us to kind of take a step back from all the pandemonium and craziness that’s going on and just enjoy being together as a baseball family. It’s important."

As of now, the season will continue as planned as soon as the UIL decides to lift the statewide suspension and for Campos and the other moms, it would be great to be able to see their sons on the field again soon.

"They want to get back to work," Campos said. "They want to show everybody that they can compete out there with the bigger schools."

"These boys have been playing baseball together since they were six or seven years old," Campos said. "We played little league together and now we’re in high school."