Alice city leaders held a press conference Thursday afternoon to address the rapidly evolving situation with the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

City Mayor and Emergency Management Director Jolene Vanover addressed the issue and stated, “There (are) not any documented cases in Alice.”

The city is asking city residents and local businesses to use precautionary measures during this time and consider the following recommendations.

* Wash you Hands

* Sanitize surfaces, phones, pens and your hands when handling money.

* Local businesses should be diligent on cleanliness and having sick employees stay home or work from home if possible.

* Avoid big crowds

*Caregivers for the elderly and young should be very diligent in their safety measures. The elderly and very young are more likely to be effected by the virus.

* Anyone with a compromised immune system should be very careful during this time.

* And again Wash Your Hands!

Vanover and other city officials addressed on how residents should be careful with misleading information on social media sites. To stay informed seek information on official government and state websites.

HTTPS//WWW.CDC.GOV or call 1-800-232-4636.

HTTPS//DSHS.TEXAS.GOV//CORONAVIRUS/ or call 1-888-963-711.