SAN DIEGO - The 73rd annual Duval County Fair was held during the last weekend of February, with two full days and nights of students from the county showcasing their exhibits... from steers and goats to cakes and barbecue pits. This year, the fair had 230 exhibitors and 483 projects, accented by students on horseback during the grand entry and Mariachis from San Diego Independent School District entertaining the spectators. During the National Anthem, red, white and blue fireworks, provided by the volunteer firefighters from San Diego Fire Department, boomed over the San Diego Rotary Pavilion.

Several fair records were broken this year, thanks to buyers such as Wyatt Ranches, the Garza family of Benavides, Kathy Snapka, Paisano Lease Company, and countless of others who shelled out monies for the exhibitors.

The Duval County Fair is hosted annually by the Rotary Club of San Diego and helps students understand the importance of agriculture while the chance to earn money they can use towards their college tuition.

During the Saturday night auction, the 2020 Grand Champion market steer from exhibitor Garza generated $30,500. Last year, the market steer sold in auction bid of $25,000. THe 2020 Reserve Grand Champion market steer sold for $25,000. The auction total was also record-breaking for the Duval County Fair, with receipts totaling $371,279...a significant increase from the 2019 auction total of $264,000, which also set a record for the previous year.

Rotarians also honored Luis Roberto “Luis Beto” Garza, and Oscar and Lynn Wyatt. Luis Beto Garza and the Wyatt's have dedicated themselves to assisting the communities, especially the youth through the county fair.