As a student and user of social media you know how sharing important information is. Especially when your semester had started and you really just want to know what is going on. Coastal Bend College has been hit with a major computer virus. It has shut down the IT system. They aren't telling you this because they have a new incompetent president who replaced one that created major problems for the college in administration and for faculty. That is due to a board of directors that think highly of themselves and have mismanaged the college for years. They really don't know when classes will resume as their IT department had no ability to competently protect IT systems or address the virus that has hit. That is obvious. You would be better served to go to another college. One that can assure you that you will actually get an education that is worth something. Internally there is much infighting and strife with people in positions of administration that are completely incompetent and left over from maladministration at Coastal Bend College. Professors have recently quit. Recently they have been caught changing grades by the previous president, assistant deans and registrar and had to pay back grant money because of theft of equipment, maladministration and lies in reporting to the funding agency. The President, her sister the Dean and others were fired or resigned. The grade changers who were caught are still Registrars and Assistant Deans working there today. This is highly published in google searches. Are your grades safe? Most who work there are afraid to be fired so they just simply do what they are told even if it is wrong. Intimidation by the Human Resources Director is rampant. Her husband is also a department supervisor and it lends to nepotism and yields false power she utilizes daily. Not good for any college. Obvious at CBC. The current Provost and deans are often stifled by surrounding employee treachery from past terminations and maladministration. Autocratic misrule? Most deans and department supervisors are in a sinecure role and appointed without a professional background or training in the department they supervise. The current president is a short term band aid and will not last. They never do in these situations. As an outsider of the community why would he commit to the chaos that has plagued the college for so long? He is surrounded by deceptive and treacherous administrators and faculty. He, they do not know, at all, when they will be back open and they intentionally don’t share that with you. Is that transparency from government funded offices? The marketing director will give you rhetoric and tell you what they want you to hear when he wants to or has been directed to do so by the college president and legal counsel. A puppet, told to give out no information at this time. The IT breach happened weeks ago and all they say is they are concerned and listening to you? The college is currently on probation. Will your degree be worth much in the future? It is advised that you go to a real college that has a great reputation and not this one. If you are really concerned that this hasn’t been handled better you can contact the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and complain. Specifically: Mark Poehl – Director of Internal Audits and Compliance. You probably won’t get far and they know that. Governing Boards usually stay away from inner non-working issues until obviously critical. There is also: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools /

Unless CBC fixes itself nothing will change and the rhetoric of “we are working on it” has become stale and used for too long.

More information is forthcoming. I stand for sound principles and ethics in education! None here.

This is what social media is for. Not simple rhetoric designed to assuage the ignorant masses. You are smarter than that and the college should be working for you! As opposed to keeping information from you at such a critical time in your educational development. They are supposed to be working for you, right?

I am an ex-employee and know firsthand how the college treats itself, it’s employees and students.

Think about it…If they really cared about you as students shouldn’t they let you know first as opposed to hiding facts? Transparency is not just a word. The college is supposed to work for you.

Concerned citizen / ex employee