The Lady Buckaroos powerlifting team will be sending six girls to state after qualifying at the Region 5 Division 3 Regional Meet hosted at Edcouch-Elsa.

One of them is two-time Regional champion Raschel Lerma, who took first place in the 220s category.

Coach Jose Vasquez said that his team has really shown dedication to be able to get to this point.

“I have four seniors and two freshmen who worked really hard this year,” Vasquez said. “They put their trust in me and my assistant, Nicole Lopez. They followed every bit of advice and pushed themselves, so I’m really proud of their effort and accomplishments so far.”

In order to qualify for state, the girls had to either be the top two competitors to hit their qualifying total. Five out of the six Lady Bucks were able to hit their qualifying totals and were the top 2A girls to qualify and move on to the state round.

The state tournament takes place on March 20 in Waco.

97s Category

Fifth Place – Caitlyn Luarca

Sixth Place – Sara Perez

123s Category

Third Place – Lauren Garza

181s Category

Fifth Place – Brianna Leal

220s Category

First Place – Raschel Lerma (Two-Time Regional Champ)

259s Category

Fourth Place – Daphne Laymon