It was a night of dinner, desserts and cinnamon rolls, as CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice celebrated its latest Daisy and Sunshine Award recipients. The February 20th event was hosted by CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice Interim President, Richard Morin and Margot Rios, Chief Nursing Officer of CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice.

The Daisy Award For Extraordinary Nurses is an international recognition program for nurses. It was created in 1999 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes to honor the super-human work that nurses perform for patients and patients’ families each day. More than 4,300 healthcare facilities and nursing schools across all 50 states and an additional 27 countries honor nurses with The Daisy Award.

Similarly, The Sunshine Award recognizes and honors the compassion, joy and aptitude displayed by CHRISTUS Spohn Support Associates every day.

Here is a complete list of the award nominees and winners:

Daisy Award Nominees:

Missy Arenas, RN, Medical Surgical Unit

Jolissa Garcia, LVN, Medical Surgical Unit

Cynthia Garcia, RN, Medical Surgical Unit

Kris Parkinson, RN, Emergency Department

Rachel Hughes, RN, Medical Surgical Unit

Bianca Soliz, LVN, Medical Surgical Unit

Olga Ramirez, RN, Labor & Delivery

Carla Hastings, RN, Labor & Delivery

Cynthia Jaramillo, RN, Labor & Delivery

Marissa Rangel, RN, Labor & Delivery

Anabelle Perez, RN, Labor & Delivery

Dee Davis, RN, Labor & Delivery

Dolly Dickson, RN, Director of Labor & Delivery

Sammy Paz, LVN, Labor & Delivery

Wendy Romo, RN, Labor & Delivery

Kelsey Quillan, RN, Labor & Delivery

Janet Coy, RN, Labor & Delivery

Daisy Award Winners:

Michael Eden, RN, Emergency Department

Sandy Klabunde, RN, Intensive Care

Sunshine Award Winners:

Ruben Becerra, Patient Access

Miki Giannamore, Obstetric Technician

C.N.A Award Winner:

Rosa Griggs, CAN, Medical Surgical Unit