City Council leaders held a special meeting Wednesday, Feb. 26 to start revising the Alice city charter.

One of the main revisions included changing the city's election terms from a two-year term to a four-year staggered term. This would still mean that an election would be held every year, but city council members would stagger the elected seats per election year instead of all members being elected at the same time. Part of a four-year staggered term also means under Texas Statue that a candidate would need 40 percent of the citizens votes or a run off will be put in place for the two candidates.

"Ninety percent of municipalities in comparisons to Alice have a four-year staggered term," said Attorney Charles Zech.

There is more details and stipulations to the city's charter changes in consideration to the changes in election terms. For example, what’s the maximum amount of time a member can hold a seat on the council, will the mayor have the same rules as city council members or be held to different standards in elections terms?

These were the topics of discussions Attorney Zech presented to the council for them to review and vote on at a later date.

"I think a staggered four-term makes more sense for continuity and gives council members time to reach the goals set in place and I also think there should be elected term time limits," said Alice Mayor Jolene Vanover. "Jim Wells County uses the four-year staggered terms for the county elections and I hope the council votes on it to be placed on the ballot for Alice citizens to vote on."

This issue could possibly be put on a ballot in November if voted on by city council.

The special council meeting was to review revisions to the city charter presented by Attorney Zech.

Nothing was voted on by city council during the meeting.