On Friday, Feb. 21, the Ben Bolt Badgers boys basketball team will play against Port Aransas in the regional round of the Class 2A division after defeating Lasara 65 – 58 on Tuesday night.

The Badgers trailed Lasara 12 – 3 at the end of the first quarter but rallied back the rest of the game led by senior Carlos Navarro with 18 points. Sophomore Arnold Navarro and junior Christian Garcia added 13 and 12 points to lead the Badgers to a 65 – 58 victory over their rival school. The two teams have met before during regular season with Lasara being victorious in the prior two matchups.

“Both of them were single digit, close hard fought games,” Coach Sean Cunningham said, “Coming into this game, we felt that we could get it done.”

“We’ve steadily been improving throughout the season and were really looking forward to this rematch

Also assisting in the game were senior Mason Arispe and junior Jaime Gonzalez

This is Coach Cunningham’s first year at Ben Bolt and has seen his team progress throughout the season and feels his team is ready for Port Aransas.

“We’ve had to change some things going through the season,” Cunningham said. “ Just trying to teach them how to play basketball the way I think we need to.”

“We’ve got a lot of speed, we don’t have a lot of size but we play really aggressive hard man-to-man defense, so if we can slow them down on offense and use our speed to our advantage, that’ll help us a lot,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham knows the next game will be a big challenge. Port Aransas has 15 players on their varsity roster with plenty of talent on the boards as well as the court.

“All of them can shoot and handle the ball,” Cunningham said. “They are a quality team.”

“Our guys are pretty inexperienced as far as big games and playoffs go.”

Still, he is confident that his team will have success and continues to motivate his players to do well on the court.

“Enjoy it. Don’t let the moment be too big for you and just be yourself,” Cunnigham said. “Do what we do and just play our game. We don’t have to do anything amazing to win games. If we can just play our game, relax and do what we do, we’ll be fine.”

Fridays game against Port Aransas will be played at 7PM at Odem HS.