Driver gives false name to officer

Officer Manuel Garcia was on patrol Sunday afternoon when he observed a white Ford Van improperly parked on the 800 block of Hickey Street. Officer Garcia made contact with the driver, Santiago Jesus Garza whom advised the officer that he had no driver's license and the no vehicle insurance. Garza told officers that his last name was Castillo. Santiago stated he had given a false name because he knew he had warrants out for his arrest. Garza was placed under arrest. Upon searching the vehicle a black container was located. Officers found marijuana, a pipe and rolling papers. Garza was transported to the Jim Wells County jail. He was charged with possession of marijuana and a warrant.

Asleep at the wheel

On Sunday, Feb. 23 at 6:58 a.m. Officer Orlando Jasso Jr. was dispatched to East Fourth and North Almond for a male subject in a gray SUV asleep behind the wheel. Upon arrival Officer Jasso observed the vehicle stopped at the yield sign. He made contact with the driver, later identified as Jeremy Guerra. The officer observed a blunt. Guerra was awoken and detained. Guerra was placed under arrest and transported to the JWC jail. While officers conducted a vehicle inventory sheet they discovered a black rectangular container that contained synthetic marijuana. Guerra was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

DWI crash

Officers were dispatched to the 1500 block of North Stadium for a vehicle accident on Sunday morning. When they arrived they made contact with the driver of a 2015 Dodge Dart later identified has Ariel Lagos. Lagos had slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and stumbled when he walked. He also had a strong odor of alcohol. Lagos told the officers he had been to two local bars and was going home. Lagos was arrested and taken to the JWC jail. He was charged with driving while intoxicated and cited for the accident.

Source: Alice police reports