SAN DIEGO - The 73rd annual Duval County Fair will be held on Friday, Feb. 28 and Saturday, Feb. 29 at the Rotary Pavilion. As part of the fair, the 2020 Duval County Fair photogenic contest winners will be presented during the ceremonies.

Baby Category

GIRL: Name of Child: Eliana Guerra, Age: 6 months

Parent/Guardian: Pete and Marissa Guerra

BOY: Name of Child: Jeremiah Perez, Age: 6 months

Parent/Guardian: Lyssa Morin and Raynaldo Perez III


GIRL: Name Of Child: Kamryn Odette Galvan, Age: 1 year

Parent/Guardian: Xavier and Kimberly Galvan

BOY: Name of Child: Easten Maldonado, Age: 2 years

Parent/Guardian: Emmanuel and Lisandra Maldonado

Jr. Duke and Jr. Duchess

GIRL: Name of Child: Jena Marie Salaiz, Age: 4 years

Parent/Guardian: Kristi Mendiola and Andres Salaiz

BOY: Name of Child: Leland Salaiz, Age: 5 years

Parent/Guardian: Lisa Gonzalez and Rene Salaiz Jr.

Duke and Duchess

GIRL: Name of Child: Elizabella Barrera, Age: 8 years

Parent/Guardian: Liza and Isaac Barrera Jr.

BOY: Name of Child: Justin Maldonado, Age: 6 years

Parent/Guardian: Emmanuel and Lisandra Maldonado


GIRL: Name of Child: Alissandra Carrion, Age: 14 years

Parent/Guardian: Joshua and Andrea Carrion


GIRL: Name of Child: Elizabeth Bridges, Age 16 years

Parent/Guardian: Jerry and Evy Woodall