Alice police received two Tahoes from the Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday as part of a revived partnership.

“We met with Chief (Aniceto) Perez this morning to discuss the interdiction program. He will be assigning (officers) to work with us on the highway. This is a big plus for us in an effort to assist in their operations just like we are assisted by other agencies,” Sheriff Daniel Bueno said. “Partnership of law enforcement goes a long way. We’ve got to be on the same page. The criminal element is out there and we must reduce and prevent (crime).”

As part of the partnership Alice Police Department also received equipment for the Tahoes. Together, the departments are working on training that would benefit the two agencies.

“We have a good working relationship between him and I. We worked together for over 30 years and this will benefit everyone,” Chief Perez said. “This equipment the sheriff is lending us is going to be put to good use and we really appreciate him helping us out.”

The agencies regularly partner on cases to catch suspects and solve cases. This revival will have more officers on the street working with better equipment all in the name of justice.