Students from the Coastal Bend participated in the Coastal Bend Regional Science Fair this month

Alice Independent School District student Arturo Espana stole the show with his project Hydroponics vs. Aquaponics won him the American Meteorological Society’s Certificate of Outstanding Achievement and the Grand Prize: Stockholm Junior Water Prize.

Alice ISD students that also placed during the event:

Dubose Intermediate School

* Eli Walker and Micah Torres, Project: Why-Fi.

William Adams Middle School

* Brook Castillo and Kaitlyn Goldman- Junior Division First Place in Biochemistry. Project: What’s your Heart Rate

* Lucas Walker, Project: Using Machine Learning To Improve Diabetic Patient Outcome.

Alice High School

* Blake Garcia, Juan Hinojosa and Dante Zertuche - Senior Division Third Place in Chemistry. Project: How blue is your sports drink?

* Juan Cadena and Robert Pena - Senior Division Second Place in Energy Chemistry. Project: Charged up!

* Zachary Vela - Senior Division Second Place in Physical Energy. Project: Up to Speed

* Arturo Espana - Senior Division First Place in Plant Sciences. Project Hydroponics vs. Aquaponics

* Isela Torres, Celeste Torres, Jesaiah Torres- Senior Division First Place in Medical Sciences. Project: Rapid Relief Race: Pain Pill Dissolution

San Diego ISD

Bernarda Jaime Junior High School

* Juan Oscar Gonzalez- Junior Division Second Place in Earth and Environment. Project: Science of Signal Strength

Freer ISD

Freer Junior High

* Gavyn Gonzales- Junior Division Second Place in Bio Chemistry. Project: Science Phun